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What a Neighborhood! celebrates the creative spirit in Morningside Heights, West Harlem,
and Bloomingdale primarily through the music of living local composers.

We would love to get to know you. Please call us at 347-799-2668, or email us at, or better yet, introduce yourself at one of our events. See below for details.

Please bring your friends & family, meet the neighbors, & introduce us to folks we should know, especially composers for our map of neighborhood composers! We are looking to get to know and celebrate composers, improvisers, and songwriters of all ages, colors, and musical stripes!

Love, Vita & Ishmael Wallace
& the Board: Elizabeth Adams, Betsy Blachly Chapin, Janet Dorman, Peter Homans, & Nailah Nombeko
“Imaginative, creative, and sparkling events that create community.”
“Thank you for a lovely, stimulating evening. It was real treat!”
Fall Events 2017

The Mountain and The Valley
The World Premiere of a short opera by Ishmael Wallace
Saturday November 12 at 4 pm
St Mary's Episcopal Church, Manhattanville
521 West 126th Street, 1/2 block West of Amsterdam Avenue
Sunday November 13 at 4 pm
Trinity Lutheran Church
164 West 100th Street, 1/2 block east of Amsterdam Avenue

Composer & librettist Ishmael Wallace’s moving new opera emerged from years of thoughtful walks in the neighborhood contemplating Orpheus & Eurydice, Psyche & Eros, and the journey of the soul into life.

Featuring Ishmael in the role of Orpheus
Soprano Rachel Hippert as Eurydice
Direction & lighting by Anna Etsuko Tsuri
Kate Goddard, violin, & Vita Wallace, piano

In two cozy & historic churches with beautiful acoustics. Please join us!

Suggested donation $10, but all are welcome!

Bring your friends & family! Meet your neighbors!
Near the M104 bus & #1 subway
Handicapped accessible at St Mary’s
For more information, please call 347-799-2668

Opera postcard says The Mountain and the Valley
Images from the poster above:
Morningside Lake Park
Morningside Lake Park

Dante Stairs
Dante Stairs

Orpheus and Eyrudice

Orpheus and Eurydice by Friedrich Rehberg

Bring your friends & family to
"The Mountain and the Valley"

St Mary's Episcopal Church, Manhattanville
Near the M104 bus & #1 subway
Handicapped accessible at St Mary’s
For more information, please call 347-799-2668

The Orfeo Duo
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For details, call 347-799-2668 or email

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